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High quality (my grade: 7,7) summary of all articles for Small Business Development

High quality (my grade: 7,7) authentic text style summary of all obligatory articles for the 2015/2016 Small Business Development course, which were the following articles: Alvarez, S. A., & Barney, J. B. (2007). Discovery and creation: Alternative theories of entrepreneurial action Partzsch, L., & Ziegler, R. (2011). Social entrepreneurs as change agents: A case study on power and authority in the water sector Jackson, T. (2012). Cross-cultural management and the informal economy in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for organization, employment and skills development Rivera-Santos, M., Holt, D., Littlewood, D., & Kolk, A. (2015). Social entrepreneurship in sub-saharan Africa Baker, T., Miner, A. S., & Eesley, D. T. (2003). Improvising firms: bricolage, account giving and improvisational competencies in the founding process Garud, R., & Karnøe, P. (2003). Bricolage versus breakthrough: distributed and embedded agency in technology entrepreneurship Baker, T., & Nelson, R. E. (2005). Creating something from nothing: Resources construction through entrepreneurial bricolage Chua, R. Y. (2011). Innovating at the World’s Crossroads: How Multicultural Networks Promote Creativity Coleman, J. S. (1988). Social capital in the creation of human capital Uzzi, B. (1997). Social structure and competition in interfirm networks: The paradox of embeddedness Burt, R. S. (2004). Structural holes and good ideas Uzzi, B., & Dunlap, S. (2005). How to build your network Pelled, L. H., Eisenhardt, K. M., & Xin, K. R. (1999). Exploring the black box: An analysis of work group diversity, conflict, and performance Haslam, S. A., Powell, C., & Turner, J. (2000). Social Identity, Self-categorization, and Work Motivation: Rethinking the Contribution of the Group to Positive and Sustainable Organisational Outcomes Polzer, J. T., Milton, L. P., Swann, W. B., (2002). Capitalizing on diversity: Interpersonal congruence in small work groups Correll, J., & Park, B. (2005). A model of the ingroup as a social resource Cheng, C.-Y., & Lee, F. (2009). Multiracial Identity Integration: Perceptions of Conflict and Distance among Multiracial Individuals Lecture 5 - Institutional legitimacy and the informal sector Aldrich, H. E., & Fiol, C. M. (1994). Fools rush in? The institutional context of industry creation Rosa, J. A., Porac, J. F., Runser-Spanjol, J., & Saxon, M. S. (1999). Sociocognitive dynamics in a product market Hsu, G. (2006). Evaluative schemas and the attention of critics in the US film industry Godfrey, P. C. (2011). Toward a Theory of the Informal Economy Mcgahan, A. M. (2012). Challenges of the Informal Economy for the Field of Management Porac, J. F., Thomas, H., & Baden-fuller, C. (1989). Competitive groups as cognitive communities: The case of Scottish knitwear manufacturers Fielding, K. S., & Hogg, M. a. (1997). Social identity, self-categorization, and leadership: A field study of small interactive groups McEvily, B., Soda, G., & Tortoriello, M. (2014). More formally: Rediscovering the missing link between formal organization and informal social structure Wuebker, R., Hampl, N., & Wustenhagen, R. (2015). The strength of strong ties in an emerging industry: Experimental evidence of the effects of status hierarchies and personal ties in venture capitalist decision making

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