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Summary articles Marketing Performance 2016-2017

Summary of the articles for the course Marketing Performance in the master Marketing, Radboud University, 2016-2017. Includes the following articles: Katsikeas et al. (2016), Homburg & Pflesser (2000), Kirca et al. (2005), Maignan & Ferrell (2004), Hillebrand et al. (2015), Rust et al. (2001), Leroi-Werelds et al. (2014), Zeithaml et al. (2001), Bart et al. (2005), Boulding et al. (2005), Palmatier et al. (2006), Feng et al. (2015), Verhoef & Leeflang (2009), Homburg et al. (2012), Reinartz et al. (2004), Homburg et al. (2015), Haumann et al. (2014).

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Nassa Hi, thanks for your review. Did the summary does not meet your expectations? I made this for the Master Marketing at Radboud University, I can well imagine that it will not connect if you are studying at the university because the fabric does not match. I like to hear it!

By: LauraPeffer • 4 year ago


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