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500 Oefenvragen kennisbasis Nederlands

In dit document vind je van alle domeinen oefenvragen. Deze vragen zijn gebaseerd op de toetsdoelen van de kennisbasis toets. Ook de theorie van kennisbasis taal is hier in verwerkt.

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Reviews ( 20 )
By apwschouten  · 2 weeks ago
By wiebejeltema  · 3 weeks ago
By hilalincedalci1  · 3 months ago
By XSaskiavanVeenX  · 3 months ago
By willianvandijk1994  · 3 months ago
By Milouuu  · 3 months ago
By hoek1520  · 4 months ago
By melipe  · 4 months ago
By sandrafransen  · 5 months ago
By myrnavandeursen  · 5 months ago
By kanhaisabietrie  · 6 months ago
By ylhroelofs  · 6 months ago
By joepthijssen  · 7 months ago
By irietvis  · 10 months ago
Good questions but also a number of unclear and some wrong answers. This creates confusion.
( -Translated by Google)
By brittdejager  · 10 months ago
Double questions and multiple incorrect answers. Level low.
( -Translated by Google)
By Elle B  · 10 months ago
Too bad you experience this. Hopefully, you will have enough of this document to make your test. Others were very pleased with my document
( -Translated by Google)
By Roxpabo44  · 1 year ago
By wies_ooyevaar  · 1 year ago
By jufm  · 1 year ago
By Elle B  · 1 year ago
Thank you for your review, hopefully you get a picture of how the test will look like with these practice questions!
( -Translated by Google)
By  · 1 year ago
Clearly defined answers there very handy!
( -Translated by Google)
By Elle B  · 1 year ago
Thank you for your review, hopefully it helps with the proper completion of the test
( -Translated by Google)
By abygail-abygail  · 1 year ago
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