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MAC3701 Study Pack
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These are Exam questions and solutions as well as those that were found in assignments, study guides and practice questions. When you work through these together with explanations in your study guide, you will gain an excellent understanding of concepts, theories, techniques and methods which will allow you to answer exam questions. This will save you much needed time in your studies which you can allocate to other modules.

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  • Exam (elaborations)
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  • uploaded  17-09-2020
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MAC3701 CTM Study Notes Tutoring 2020 Application of Management techniques (University of South Africa)
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STUDY UNIT 1 PLANNING AND CONTROLLING INVENTORY Factors Involved In Inventory Analysis Economic Order Quantity ABC Ltd. is engaged in sale of footballs. Its cost per order is $400 and its carryin g cost unit is $10 per unit per annum. The company has a demand for 20,000 units per year. Calculated the order size, total orders required during a year, total carrying cost and total ordering cost for the year. Re-Order Point and Safety Stock Determination of the order point is based on three factors:...

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  • Study guide
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  • uploaded  09-05-2020
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MAC3701 Exam pack with revision notes (Past exam Q&A) Includes Assignment 2 |Solutions | Semester 1 | 2022
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MAC3701 Assignments 2 |Solutions | Semester 1 | 2022 WITH NOTES AND EXAM PACK! (Past exam Q&A). Latest Book used to answer assignment. Principles of management accounting - A South African Perspective (John Williams). Also includes revision Notes and exam pack!

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  • Exam (elaborations)
  •  • 178 pages • 
  • by studywiz • 
  • uploaded  11-04-2022
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