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Exam (elaborations)

FAC1503 Online EXAM PACK

I advise all first year students to buy this exam pack it has all exam questions and solutions, you won't make it in FAC1503 if you concentrate only on the prescribed guide, this module incurs and requires a lot of time , you better go through the precise exam questions and answers in order to pass with a Distinction. This exam pack covers the entire syllabus of this module, it has all exam questions and answers... It will be outta own interest whether to pass the module with a Distinction or fail, the exam pack is quite reasonable, some lecturers are selling it R500, but I've decided to reduce the price to R50 since we are in difficult times. Thus, I advice you to purchase this exam pack , it will instill your knowledge in terms of theory and calculations, those who are not good when it comes to calculations, please I advise you to buy the exam pack, it will assist you alot, you don't have to purchase the prescribed guide, no matter whether you have an accounting background skills or not, You will pass it with a Distinction I promise, a Distinction is possible with this exam pack, financial Accounting is one of the difficult modules in LLB, thus, you don't have to go through text books or other prescribed sources, don't waste your time, here's a standardized Exam pack with all exam questions and answers. Start Preparing, don't wait for lecturers, start preparing guys, hurry, hurry!!!!! I'm doing you a favour by selling it with less price , remember there won't be classes for this modules due Covid-19, so please note the sale is merely for December the price will increase shortly , thus don't hesitate.... Just purchase the exam pack and thank me later. People are obtaining Distinction with this exam....You can still make it this exam, it has every solution for FAC1503.....Last semester we received a high volume of emails of students who obtained Distinctions with the agency of this FAC1503 exam pack. Don't be a prisoner of your own doors, purchase your own copy to avoid disappointments....The exam will consist of 30 MCQ questions, which is also covered in this exam pack, each question consists of 5 marks...thus start preparing or purchase so you can use it referendum during the exam session.. Don't hesitate, use this opportunity or else you remember this exam pack whilst FAC1503 is showing you flames.. Ignorance has ruined so many student's future..

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