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Summary Topic: Content Marketing (Literature & Lectures)

Providing an in-depth and complete section of notes from the course of Topic: Content Marketing. Notes include not only a meticulous outline of the literature assigned but also from the weekly (zoom-)seminars. Chapter numbers refer to the book assigned for this course. Notes regarding the assigned literature (scientific articles) are referenced (so that you can easily access to them!) . Being a topic, the course can be taken both in your second year as well as in your third year.

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  • 2. Summary - Topic: content marketing (literature & lectures)
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By: jeannegrup • 7 months ago

By: jittevanoijen24 • 7 months ago

By: martulina99 • 9 months ago

all notes are very complete and organized systematically to ease the reading/studying flow! Recommended! ded!

By: FrancescaReverdito • 9 months ago

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By: FrancescaReverdito • 9 months ago

Omg thank you so much! Glad the notes are helpful

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