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Summary of articles Knowledge in Organisations

Summary of the articles of the course Knowledge in Organisations (MAN-BCU322A). Artikelen: - Alvesson, M. & Kärreman, D. (2001). Odd couple: making sense of the curious concept of knowledge management. Journal of Management Studies 38(7), 995-1018. - Baralou, E. & Tsoukas, H. (2015). How is new organizational knowledge created in a virtual context? Organization Studies, 36(5), 593-620. - Bokeno, R.M. (2003). Introduction: Appraisals of organizational learning as emancipatory change. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 16(6), 603-618. - Carlile, P.R. & Rebentisch, E.S. (2003). Into the black box: the knowledge transformation cycle. Management Science, 49(9), 1180-1195. - Fulmer, R.M., & Keys, J.B. (1998). A conversation with Chris Argyris: The father of organiza- tional learning. Organizational Dynamics, 27(1), 21-32. - Grant, R.M. (1996). Toward a Knowledge-based theory of the firm. Strategic Management Journal, 17 S2), 109-122. - Nonaka, I., Toyama, R. & Konno, N. (2000). SECI, Ba and Leadership: a unified model of dy- namic knowledge creation. Long Range Planning, 33(1), 5-34. - Schultze, U. & Stabell, C. (2004). Knowing What You Don’t Know? Discourses and Contradic- tions in Knowledge Management Research, Journal of Management Studies, 41(4), 549–573. - Trusson, C.R., Doherty, N.F. & Hislop, D. (2014). Knowledge sharing using IT service manage- ment tools: conflicting discourses and incompatible practices. Info Systems Journal, 24(4), 347-371. - Wenger, E. (2010). Communities of practice and social learning systems: the career of a con- cept. In C. Blackmore (Ed.), Social learning systems and communities of practice (pp. 179-198). London: Springer.

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