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Summary Marketing Strategy, 6th edition 2010, Ko Floor, Fred Van Raay (Document of the month of January 2014 !!!)

Samenvatting van het gehele boek! Zeker omdat het boek erg dik is, is het de moeite waard om deze samenvatting aan te schaffen!! In januari 2014 is dit document betitelt als "Document van de Maand" op Stuvia !!!.

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Reviews ( 42 )
By rowandegraaff  · 6 months ago
By ukan  · 9 months ago
By svenvanliere  · 1 year ago
By RonaldAanen  · 1 year ago
By Martnijhuis1  · 1 year ago
By jochemblom  · 1 year ago
By michielwopereis  · 1 year ago
Contains unnecessary advertising
( -Translated by Google)
By yoramnanne  · 1 year ago
By roderickwvm  · 2 year ago
By Jellefrommink  · 2 year ago
By caswise  · 2 year ago
By jana56  · 2 year ago
whole book is, nevertheless contains many sections there are not unfortunately
( -Translated by Google)
By annevdsandt  · 2 year ago
By Rowyda  · 2 year ago
By axmedmbc  · 2 year ago
It was a valuable summary
( -Translated by Google)
By EstellevanLaar  · 2 year ago
full summary
( -Translated by Google)
By jimmyvoskuil  · 2 year ago
Exactly what you expect of it
( -Translated by Google)
By alexladuc31  · 2 year ago
Good figure achieved it. Be missing some paragraphs.
( -Translated by Google)
By hendrib002  · 2 year ago
By inesgraumans  · 2 year ago
By argr12  · 2 year ago
Complete summary. Conveniently, the acquisition of chapters and sections. So after reading the book a good refresher.
( -Translated by Google)
By Amberveenstra  · 3 year ago
Clear summary, thanks!
( -Translated by Google)
By leokeijzer  · 3 year ago
By dignavd  · 3 year ago
By bartheikens  · 3 year ago
By Robbertveer  · 3 year ago
Reads awkwardly, many misspellings and strange formatting.
( -Translated by Google)
By kirstenp  · 3 year ago
By Gabriella1992  · 3 year ago
Good summary ????
( -Translated by Google)
By maximeschmidt13  · 3 year ago
Chapter 5 missing ...
( -Translated by Google)
By Booje  · 3 year ago
Just purchased, see chapter 5 is missing. Moreover, I see everywhere different fonts, do not know if that's so wait Adobe even with a judgment until it is printed!
( -Translated by Google)
By Kelly076  · 3 year ago
Was missing a lot of paragraphs and chapters in this summary. So it is not a complete summary. There were heaps of misspellings in. I personally did not worth to buy.
( -Translated by Google)
By Ginoonig  · 3 year ago
( -Translated by Google)
By lodewijkdeneeling  · 3 year ago
By DamyHeuver  · 3 year ago
By bobosch  · 3 year ago
By Roosmarijn94  · 4 year ago
Good summary!
( -Translated by Google)
By jvankalmthout  · 4 year ago
By Noremain  · 4 year ago
Good summary!
( -Translated by Google)
By romydaniquee  · 4 year ago
By niekewinkel  · 4 year ago
By Pauline99  · 4 year ago
No summary of the entire book. Missing chapters and sections
( -Translated by Google)
By Elisee  · 4 year ago
good abstract, clear
( -Translated by Google)
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