UNISA study fees

UNISA is the largest and oldest open distance learning institution in the world. UNISA is trying to provide internet access to all their students by negotiating deals with ISP’s which will complement their efforts of moving to a paperless environment. This in turn will cut textbook and other related costs; However, UNISA is experiencing great challenges in this regard as the majority of their students rely on funding from institutions, such as NSFAS, and simply cannot afford smartphones or other devices. All things considered, UNISA is still the most affordable option for the working student.

Unisa Study Fees (Campus)

At Unisa the average student takes between 4 and 6 modules per year at a cost of between R1 000 and R2 000 per module. These modules can add up to some hefty amounts of cash.

Below is a list of Unisa study fees 2013.


Minimum per annum

Maximum per annum

Advanced Certificate

R12 480

R14 520

Advanced Diploma

R12 480

R14 520


R11 800

R12 100


R12 587

R13 373


R12 100


R12 100


R10 400

R12 100


R11 234

R20 448

National Diploma

R12 480

R17 747

National Higher Certificate

R14 160


R14 520

Postgraduate Certificate

R12 480

R14 520

Postgraduate Diploma

R12 480

R14 520

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