Together We Pass

Together We Pass is a social learning platform for UNISA students – which doesn’t mean that students come to socialise together. We are not some new kind of Facebook! :)

We are all about serious students who come together to discuss their coursework, compare assignments in a cheat-free environment, share resources and do revision together to be prepared for exams.

It may not sound like much, but the motivation, learning and support that our students gain means students really love the service that we offer. Not only do we support students academically, but also provide a lot of information and direct advice on everything to do with your UNISA studies. From UNISA contact details to help you get in touch with your university, to Unisa registration advice and tip. Our Unisa blog gives you advice from what to do if you don’t do well in your UNISA exams, to how to remain calm when registering for EUP1501! Our Facebook is always hopping, and students are constantly asking us for advice on every manner of subject. Kurt, our Online Community Manager is a wealth of information, and always ready to help!

We wish you all the best with your studies this term, and hope to see you in our study groups at Together We Pass.

Phone and fax: 021 447 5288
Twitter: @togetherwepass

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