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All cases of the course Use It Or Lose It (BGZ2025) - complete!
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All cases complete! Also exam questions are mentioned in the cases. Thereby, I also added notes during the turtorial written in red. I scored an 8 for this course.

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  • uploaded  24-01-2020
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BGZ2025 Use it or lose it
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Summary BGZ2025: Use it or lose it. The summary contains all tasks, the test inspection (answers & questions) and additional questions from the lecture. The lectures are included in the tasks. Coordinator: F. Hartgens

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  • uploaded  12-06-2019
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BGZ2025 Use it or Lose it Practical Indirect Calorimetry Presentation notes and preparations for the meetings

This document contains the Powerpoint Presentation used notes during the presentation of BGZ2025 Practical Indirect Calorimetry. Besides, the end of the document contains the preparation for the two meetings from the practical Indirect Calorimetry

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  • by gzw2020 • 
  • uploaded  30-09-2020
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PHI 2000 Introduction to Ethics Final Exam Sophia Course/PHI 2000_Capella-Sophia Ethics Milestones, Latest Fall 2020 Complete Test Bank
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1 Many people confuse topics of religion, social etiquette, and law with ethical topics. Select the example related to social etiquette. · Nathan talks loudly on his cell phone while standing in line at the store. · Anthony follows the flow of traffic, even if he is exceeding the speed limit. · Marcy disapproves of working on Sundays because she was taught it was a day of rest. · Tara installs a wheelchair ramp at her business to meet government regulations. CONCEPT Ethical and Non-Ethical ...

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  • uploaded  14-08-2020
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NUR 2356 / NUR2356: Multidimensional Care I / MDC 1 Exam 2 (Latest 2020 / 2021) Rasmussen
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NUR 2356 Multidimensional Care I MDC 1 Exam 2 1. What is important to communicate to the patient with weakness? - Keep good base of support. 2. T/F: Using ROM helps the patient maintain muscle tone and strength. - True 3. A patient bends the knees while performing exercise with physical therapy. What motion is that? - Flexion 4. T/F: Having a sedentary life doesn't affect us. - False 5. T/F: Osteoarthritis is known by having crepitus (popping/grating sounds; creaking joints) which are du...

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  • Exam (elaborations)
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  • uploaded  28-10-2020
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