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Summary lecture slides, notes and studies Social Cognition

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Summary of the slides and lecture notes 1 to 13 of the course Social Cognition. Also, all the studies mentioned have abstract included in the summary.

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  •  • 97 pages • 
  • by EsmeeMertens • 
  • uploaded  20-03-2014
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Most important stuff slides Attitudes & Advertising

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Summary of all seminars. (I noticed that Stuvia changed the document, the content that was supposed to be bold is not bold anymore and it should have been in helvetica)

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  • Class notes
  •  • 18 pages • 
  • by kellogs1 • 
  • uploaded  22-10-2016
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309 Practice questions Consumer behavior


In this document, you will find a variety of questions. Examples are: True or false questions, Multiple-choice questions, Match-the-concept-with-the-corresponding-description questions, Open-ended questions and Fill in the gap questions. These questions cover all the relevant content of the course Marketing for Pre-master (2019) and all the relevant content of the book: Consumer Behavior: Hoyer, MacInnis & Pieters 7th edition. Instead of reading a (boring) summary, these questions will he...

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  • Summary
  •  • 81 pages • 
  • by Bass1996 • 
  • uploaded  06-11-2019
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