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Advance organic chemistry


This manual is a good book for students of chemistry, pharmacists and chemical engineering. It has 8 topics such as isomers, nucleophilic addition, enolate reactions, mechanisms of reaction, reduction and oxidation, molecular bonding of carbon and hybridization, etc.

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  • uploaded  21-09-2019
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Organic Chemistry Reactions & Mechanisms (II)


Quickly learn organic chemistry topics with my concise and visually appealing notes! These notes cover the topic of reactions and reaction mechanisms you will encounter in Organic Chemistry I — substitution, addition, acid-base, oxidation, and reduction reactions. Included in these notes are beautiful digitally-drawn figures, step-by-step mechanisms, definitions, and general steps for solving problems. I earned a 4.0 in organic chemistry and so can you!

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  • uploaded  13-07-2019
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NSG 5003 Advanced Pathophysiology Midterm Exam-Questions and Answers (Latest 2020)


NSG 5003 Midterm Exam – Advanced Pathophysiology (Question with Answers) What causes the rapid change in the resting membrane potential to initiate an action potential? What is a consequence of leakage of lysosomal enzymes during chemical injury? In hypoxic injury, sodium enters the cell and causes swelling because: What mechanisms occur in the liver cells as a result of lipid accumulation? During an IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reaction, the degranulation of mast cells is a result of which ...

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Exam Prep: Reagents and Reaction Mechanisms


This document is a summarizes all reactions that were relevant for my 2nd year exam in organic chemistry (my lecturer primarily focused on carbonyl chemistry). Most reaction mechanisms are described and reagents included. When you're practising drawing reaction mechanisms from memory, you can easily refer back to this list to check for mistakes (probably easier than finding relevant information embedded in a lot of text in your course book!)

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  • Summary
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  • by polysacha • 
  • uploaded  13-04-2018
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NR508 Final Exam Questions & Answers (Verified) Test Bank - 2019/2020. A+ Work, Chamberlain College of Nursing.

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NR508 Final Exam Questions & Answers (Verified) All Chapters, Chapter 1 1. Nurse practitioner prescriptive authority is regulated by: 1. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing 2. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration 3. The State Board of Nursing for each state 4. The State Board of Pharmacy 2. The benefits to the patient of having an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) prescriber include: 1. Nurses know more about Pharmacology than other prescribers because they take it b...

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  • uploaded  19-01-2020
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