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PVL3702 - Law Of Contract. Discuss the impact of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 upon the law of contract with reference to its aims, objectives, scope, national regulatory institutions, and sanctions. [15] The CPA is bound to have a huge impact on the conduct of businesses in South Africa, and the law of contract. The primary purpose of the Act is to protect consumers from exploitation in the marketplace, and to promote their social and economic welfare. More specifically, it aims ...

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PVL3702 EXAM MCQPVL3702 Law of Contract: MCQ NOTE: Most answers are personal or own answers to MCQ from various examination papers and tutorial letters. There might be a few that are incorrect, however most are answered as from the Study Guide and prescribed material. 1. Z walks into a shop, puts R10 on the counter and points at a packet of sweets. X (the owner of the shop) takes the money and hands over the sweets to Z. Which statement is CORRECT? 1. There is an oral offer and acceptance ...

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