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Summary Cognitive Neuroscience

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This is the summary of 'Cognitive Neuroscience' given to the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University. It is a very complete summary of the course and provides enough information to pass the exam. Nevertheless, it contains a lot of information about subjects that are useful for students of medicine, psychology and physiology. The topics discussed in this summary are: - EEG - fMRI & Vision - Unit Recording - Auditory Perception - Motor System - Attention - Attention Control - Memory - E...

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  • uploaded  14-12-2018
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Summary Cognitive Neuroscience Complete Book 978-0878935734 0878935738 Purves

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This is a complete summary of the whole Cognitive Neuroscience Book (Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience, Purves, Cabeza et al.). I got a grade of 8.9/10 studying these summaries I made. All chapters from 1 to 14 are covered, with an emphasis on the parts discussed in the course, and less emphasis on the parts that are not discussed nor useful for the exam. For chapters 13 and 14, I included a mix of the course (comments of the teacher images) and of the corresponding chapter (informations mi...

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  • uploaded  08-03-2019
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