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english paper 1

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VERY HELPFUL for English Paper 1, these notes saved my life. They literally cover everything you need to know for an IEB paper one English exam. It has everything in one place including examples and notes on comprehension, summary, poetry (all the IEB matric poems summarized) as well as helpful questions and answers from past IEB exams/papers. This was my holy grail in studying English. It is so useful and can also be applicable to grade 11 or even grade 10.

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  • by gabriellamichlo02 • 
  • uploaded  09-11-2019
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Introduction to Pyschology - Year 1, Period 1 - English

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This pdf is a visual and concise summary of the Introduction to Psychology course at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam (VU) for the English psychology track. (but may also be helpful for Dutch students). Includes information from the book and the lectures. Personally I learn way better when things are visualised and in neat lists instead of learning by reading pages of text or chaotic lecture slides. If you prefer that way of learning as well, then this summary is for you! Hope it helps and ...

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  • by FabienneDenberg • 
  • uploaded  10-11-2019
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English poetry notes

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English poetry notes includes: a poem is a painting, the pauper, release, my secret, when i learn'd astronomer, how to be old, Kubla khan, progressive insanities of a pioneer, the song of a wondering aengus, da same da same, hadedah, poem in October, the herb garden, if thou must love me, rain after drought, stealing and these fought in any case.

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  • by hannahashleighsteven • 
  • uploaded  28-08-2019
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