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A level AQA biology notes genes and natural selection.

A level AQA biology notes from a student who obtained an A* at A level. Notes include: Natural selection, succession, sympatric and allopatric isolation, the founder effect, genetic drift, epistasis, dihybrid inheritance, sex linkage, autosomal linkage, codominance, monohybrid inheritance.

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Btec level 3 applied medical science Unit 18 Genetics and genetic engineering Inheritance and Mendelian Genetics Assignment 3 Pass Merit distinction

You are a geneticist working for a genetics company. You have need asked to take students on a visit around your facility. In order to do this you have been asked to complete a short assessment to ensure you are familiar with level 3 Mendelian genetics. Create a glossary of terms to demonstrate your understanding of monohybrid and dihybrid inheritance. Use a punnet square to demonstrate how two individuals who are not affected by Cystic Fibrosis can have a child who is affected by Cystic Fibro...

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BIOL303 EXAM I/ BIOL 303 EXAM (Latest) (Already graded A)

BIOL303 EXAM I/ BIOL 303 EXAM (Latest) 1. Eukaryotic cells differ from prokaryotic cells in that 1. prokaryotes do not have DNA. 2. prokaryotes do not have a true nucleus. 3. only eukaryotic cells contain genetic material. 4. eukaryotes are usually smaller than prokaryotes. 2. A certain mammalian organism has a diploid number of chromosomes equal to 42. This organism has one pair of sex chromosomes. How many autosomes does a gamete from this organism have? 1. 42 2. 40 3....

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This study guide includes all topics covered in UC Santa Barbara's Molecular Genetics class MCDB 101A. It covers punnet squares with monohybrid crosses(Lethality, codominance, incomplete Dom.) and dihybrid crosses(different forms of epistasis, pleiotropy, etc.) It also covers Mendels laws of inheritance, sex linked inheritance, DNA/Chromosomal structure and mutations/rearrangements, meiosis and mitosis, genetic recombination, gene linkage, important experiments that led to discovery of DNAs s...

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  • uploaded  01-11-2019
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BTEC Applied Science - Unit 18 Genetic and Genetic Engineering
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Full notes for BTEC Applied Science - Unit 18 Genetic and Genetic Engineering. Includes Assignment 1 Nucleic Acids & The Genetic Code (P1, M1, D1), Assignment 2 Cell Division (P2, P3, M2, P4), Assignment 3 Mendelian Genetics (P5, M3), Assignment 4 (P6, P7, M4, D3) and references.

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  • uploaded  04-09-2019
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