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AQA A Level Chemistry: 3.9 Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives DETAILED NOTES

Very detailed yet concise AQA Chemistry A Level notes for 3.9 Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives. These notes are neatly handwritten with clearly drawn diagrams, and they also include examples of how to answer exam questions or applying the concepts learnt.

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  • uploaded  20-12-2020
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Theme A - Energy of Life

Summery of Theme A complied from lecture notes and textbook. It includes the flow of energy in the biosphere; Gibbs free energy; Thermodynamics; Relationship between Gibbs free energy, equilibrium constant and mass action ratio; Strategies that living organisms use to enable reactions with ΔG ‘s to proceed spontaneously - Mass action and Chemical Coupling to exergonic reaction ; Activated Metabolites - Activates Phosphate Compounds ; Activated Carboxylic acids ; Activated electrons.

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  • uploaded  11-10-2020
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Organic Chemistry - Carboxylic Acids

This concept is taught in grade 12 Physical Science in both the IEB and CAPS syllabus. This document details the carboxylic acid homologous series; how to name it, its functional group and intermolecular force.

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  • uploaded  25-11-2019
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Brain Booster questions and answer solved solution 2020 docs

Brain Booster questions and answer solved solution 2020 docs Package Title: Pratt & Cornely Test Bank Course Title: Pratt & Cornely Chapter Number: 1 Question type: Multiple Choice 1) Which of the following is the most abundant element in the human body? A) nitrogen B) carbon C) oxygen D) phosphorous E) none of the above 2) Of the following amino acids, which contains an alcohol? a b c d A) a B) b C) c D) d E) all of the above 3) Which of the major types of biomolecules is never foun...

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  • uploaded  31-10-2020
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