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NURS 203:Health Education Systems Incorporated: HESI 2017


NURS 203: HESI 2017 1. A nurse performs a Tinetti assessment on an 82-year-old client an ……12 and a gait score of 8. a. Expected results for an elderly adult. b. Likely onset of Parkinson’s disease c. Increased risk for falling d. Need for a walker to aid in ambulation 2. The daughter of an older woman, who has Parkinson’s disease, calls the clinic her mother has been confused for the past week. What actions should the nurse take? (Select all that apply.) a. Encourage increased int...

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Unit 3 Information Systems p3,m2

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P3 Prepare a document to explain the issues related to the use of information • The Legal issues material needs to summarise these relevant data protection laws:- Data Protection Act 1998 & Computer Misuse Act 1990 and how they affect the college’s use of information. • The Ethical issues material needs to summarise these relevant codes of practice:– staff use of email, use of the internet and whistle blowing (see Brooklands Policies in the unit folder) • The Operational issues ma...

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Unit 11 Systems Analysis and Design (P3).


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