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normative ethical theories

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in depth and very detailed notes on the OCR religious studies (from 2016) specification. covers everything in the textbook and more (had a brilliant tutor who gave me lots of extra information) and is written in easy digestible chunks. offers lots of information that makes it very simple to argue for or against, depending on your viewpoint. strips back all the unnecessary information from the textbooks. religion and ethics- normative ethical theories notes.

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OCR Religious Studies (H573): Developments in Christian Thought - 12 Liberation Theology and Marx


These revision notes for the new OCR Religious Studies A level cover the ideas of liberation theologians and the influence Marx had on their ideas. They cover Marx’s main ideas and their influence on Liberation Theology, preferential option for the poor, the response of the church. They also discuss whether Christianity can/should interact with Marxism. They are detailed and are to an A* standard.

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