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Organic Chemistry 1 (Reactivity at Carbon centers)
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In this module you will be taking a mechanistic approach to introductory organic chemistry and learning about the major types of reactivity at carbon centres. The module will build on previous modules such as ‘Language of Chemistry’ and incorporate kinetics and spectroscopy, where appropriate, to build your understanding of reactivity at both carbon sp3 and sp2 centres. By the end of the module you will be able to predict and rationalise the outcomes of reactions at sp3 and sp2 centres, incl...

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  • uploaded  08-09-2020
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CEM2005W Acids and Bases, Organic Chemistry and Reaction Mechanisms
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This is summary of : 1. Acids and Bases Chemistry - what causes stability or instability - properties of various acids/bases and stability series - types of acids and bases - interpretation of pKa and pKaH values 2. Organic Chemistry - reaction mechanisms - carbonyl group chemistry (involving keto-enol chemistry, acetals, ketals, hemiacetals, hemiketals, organolithiums / Grignard reagents) - overview of functional groups - stereochemistry

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  • uploaded  30-07-2020
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