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human anatomy & physiology 1 final exam 1. In anatomic position, the dorsum of the hand is a. anterior b. posterior c. superior d. inferior 2. In anatomic position, the relation of pedal digit III to pedal digit II is a. proximal b. distal c. medial d. lateral e. median 3. While the testis would be considered an organ of the reproductive system, the interstitial cells of Leydig produce testosterone, and so would belong to the a. cardiovascular system b. digestive system c. urinary system d. mu...

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Introductory Human Physiology - Coursera Quiz Exam Pack (100% Correct)

Homeostasis and Endocrine System Exam 1. Even though no food had entered her stomach, the smell and sight of food caused Jane’s stomach to secrete more acid. This is an example of: 2. Jerry is a normal 24 year old male with an intracellular fluid (ICF) volume of 24 L. What is the volume of his plasma? 3. In a normal female, plasma levels of the hormone cortisol are highest in the early morning and half maximal at 4:00 in the afternoon. This is an example of: Correct antagonistic contr...

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