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Dictate Molecular Genetics 2

In this document I have worked out all the lectures of the subject molecular genetics. The processes you need to know are clearly described and there are pictures present. It's all written in English. The lectures: 1. Global structure of the chromosome. 2. DNA transposition and site specific recombination. 3. RNA processing, splicing, transport, nuclear bodies and RNA world. 4/5. Regulation of translation. 6. Control or Gene Expression. 7. Post transcriptional control.

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  •  • 69 pages • 
  • by fleurvdende • 
  • uploaded  01-10-2020
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Biology 124: Genetics

A 39 page summary of all Genetics covered in the lectures of Biology 124 in Semester One. This summary contains definitions, explanations and diagrams. The information covered includes: mitosis, meiosis, Mendel's experiment, DNA replication and so on.

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  •  • 39 pages • 
  • by tegangibaud • 
  • uploaded  03-06-2020
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Genetics 2313 Exam Chapter 8-13 Review
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This 33-page review includes textbook information from each chapter, lecture notes, sample test questions, clicker questions and other need-to-knows for this test. A ton of visuals is included to make everything easy to understand. In addition, all vocabulary are bolded in red and test question info is highlighted in green. Let's get an A! :)

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  •  • 34 pages • 
  • by meismejennie • 
  • uploaded  24-11-2019
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All information on Genetics needed to be covered according to SAGS. Includes simplistic explanations of complex topics and diagrams to aid learning. Makes the learning of genetics (which is sometimes difficult) a lot easier. Over 50 pages of in depth explanation- ensuring work is covered thoroughly.

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  • Summary
  •  • 48 pages • 
  • by leahf • 
  • uploaded  09-12-2019
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