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Biology Notes: Eukaryotic Gene Expression, Organisation of Eukaryotic Genome, Control of Gene Expression

Follows the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level H2 Biology Syllabus 9744 (NEW syllabus). Compiled by student from Hwa Chong Institution (Graduated in 2018) with consistent A in H2 Biology. Received 90 RP for A level 2018.

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Biology A Global Approach 11th Global Edition 2017. Campbell, N.A., Reece, J.B., Urry, L.S., Cain, M.L., Wasserman, S.A., Minorsky, R.B.
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The purpose of this module is to acquaint students with basic biological principles of plant and animal diversity. This will enhance the knowledge and understanding, gain more insight about plant and animal diversity in terms of their evolution (both prokaryotes and eukaryotes), structural adaptations, various functions and mechanisms (both vertebrates and invertebrates) that ensure the survival of an organisms within a specified ecosystem. Study of diversity will motivate and guide students thr...

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BIOL 1108 Exam 2 Study Guide Spring 2020 - (Works 100%)

Exam 2 Study Guide Spring 2020 - BIOL 1108 Learning Objectives ● Bacteria ○ Learn how bacteria are important to the environment ■ Know their various roles in the Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles ○ Understand how antibiotics works and be able to understand what makes a good antibiotic ● Eukaryotes ○ Evolutionary Milestone: the emergence of Eukaryotes! ■ The How’s, When’s and Whys. ■ What evidence do you need to convince you that Endosymbiosis is correct? ● Multicellularity ○ Un...

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