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Biology-DNA Replication

This document covers topics in first year biology such as DNA replication, errors and alterations in chromosomal structure, transcription, translation and the process of pre-mRNA to mature mRNA and more. The information is offered in a clear and concise manner with no "fluff" to distract or confuse the reader. Several definitions and examples are included to help the reader understand the material. A few concepts/vocabulary from questions I encountered during this course are included at the end....

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  •  Book & Bundle
  • Study guide
  •  • 4 pages • 
  • by StudyKitten • 
  • uploaded  01-07-2018
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CLA 1501 Possible questions in the Final Exam with all the correct answers 2020(Well explained with rationale)

CLA1501 PART A QUESTION 1 Which ONE of the following is NOT an authoritative source of South African law? 1 Statute law 2 Customary law 3 The old authorities 4 Judgments of the superior courts 5 Foreign law QUESTION 2 Which ONE of the following is NOT a requirement for a customary rule to be recognised as a legal rule? 1 It must have existed for a long time and be reasonable. 2 It must be generally recognised and observed by the community. 3 The contents thereof must be certain a...

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  • Exam (elaborations)
  •  • 35 pages • 
  • by ianwazaski • 
  • uploaded  13-11-2020
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