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IAL Biology Unit 5 OCTOBER 2019- Potential Questions/Answers for Scientific Article

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In unit 5, the last question (question 7) is based on a pre-released scientific article a total of 30 marks. In this document you will find potential questions and answers for the Scientific Article for question 7 for Biology IAL (International Advanced Level) WBIO5/1. (The article is provided by Pearson Edexcel Examination - October 2019) This document consists of • 280 potential questions each with its answer • The questions are based on the Scientific article • 90% of them are linked...

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  • by biologytutoroly • 
  • uploaded  02-09-2019
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Grade 11 Biology Notes

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This bundle, valued at over R900 but selling for only R350, contains notes for all 14 sections of the grade 11 IEB Life Sciences syllabus. All notes were created and used by a 93% biology student.

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  • by kateijones • 
  • uploaded  08-05-2020
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HL Biology IA: Temperature and Vitamin C

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Final HL Biology IA that received a 22/24 (IB 7). This IA looks at the effect of increasing temperature on Vitamin C concentration in mangoes. The biological aspect of this is based on membrane fluidity and cholesterol when increasing temperature, thus increasing Vitamin C concentration.

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  • by samanthalopez1 • 
  • uploaded  31-05-2019
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Grade 12 IEB Biology Summary Notes

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In depth summary notes for grade 12 biology / life sciences. These notes closely follow the IEB SAGS, and contain definitions, detailed explanations and relevant diagrams to help with understanding and learning for your grade 12 tests and exams.

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  • by emmastein • 
  • uploaded  29-10-2019
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Biology 1414 Exam Unit 3: History of Life Continued Review

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This 25-page review includes textbook information from each chapter, lecture notes, details of required readings and homework quizzes. A ton of visuals is included making everything easier to comprehend. I hope everyone can ace this test, happy studying! Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved

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  • by meismejennie • 
  • uploaded  06-04-2019
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