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Philosophy Book: Philosophy for Beginners

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Is about the principles of philosophy and different ways of thinking that have emerged who thought what? These are the summaries I made for the course Philosophy is given on Teacher BKV (art) and Docent Drama. Three buttons, three abstracts. Part 1: The Pre-Socratic philosophy and the Athenian period (Ionian natural philosophy). Thales, Anaximander t / m Aristotle, Epicureanism, Stoicism. Part 2: Philosophy of the Middle Ages. Saint Augustine t / m Thomas Aquinas. Part 3: Philosophy of the 17th ...

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Church History - Ferguson

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NOTE: Ch. 3 - 24 are summarized, so chapters 1 and 2 are not included in this summary.* The summary consists of 96 pages; the text from Ferguson's book covers nearly 500 pages. The last two pages contain a summary of the most important works of major authors from church history until the 13th century. Disagreements from various authors are often shown in clear tables. This summary is written in English. * A very few paragraphs of ch. 3-24 are not included (see page 1), because I didn't consid...

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