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Social Influence Articles Summary

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2020! A complete summary of all articles for the course 'Social Influence' (Psychology, Radboud University). An overview of the articles I summarized can be found in the preview. Additionaly, I also made a summary of all lectures and the book by Cialdini (which can be found in a 'bundel' or by clicking at my account). Using these three documents, you'll have all relevant information to get a good result for this course.

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  • Summary
  •  • 33 pages • 
  • by elinemeuleman • 
  • uploaded  09-05-2020
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Summary articles Youth and Sexuality

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In this file you can find comprehensive summaries of all the articles you need to learn for the exam. These include the following: Sanchez, Fetterolf & Rudman, 2012; Vanwesenbeeck, 2009, 2020; Moore & Rosenthal, 2006 (Chapter 2); Schmitt, Shackelford & Buss, 2001; Berg et al., 2017; Wood, 2017; Wyverkens et al., 2018; Main conclusions sex under the age of 25, 2017; Cacciatore, Korteniemi-Poikela & Kaltiala, 2019; Cramwinckel, Scheepers & van der Toorn, 2018; Hatzenbuehler, 2009; Van de Bongardt,...

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  • Summary
  •  • 46 pages • 
  • by eliannevlieg • 
  • uploaded  12-06-2020
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Summary 14 Articles: Exam Contemporary Theories on B&M

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This is a 37 page summary on the 14 articles that form the mid-term/exam of the course "Contemporary Theories on B&M" offered by the University of Groningen. I marked various sentences and highlighted key words which I found to be most relevant and most prone to be part of the exam. I tried to keep it as concise as possible while also including the whole article (so not just a summary of the introduction and conclusions, but also including the theory part). Good luck on the exam!

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  • Summary
  •  • 39 pages • 
  • by remcobos1 • 
  • uploaded  25-04-2020
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