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ATI Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

ATI Comprehensive Exam Study Guide 1. Sport Psychology A (3)– PSP 5800A*** Study Guide From Final What is the focus of the cognitive model? • Perceptions (how you perceive things) • Thought patterns • Attention • Attributions (explaining the reasons why we do things) What does the NLP model focus on? • How senses are used to create representations of the world • Sensory info • Language • How you use your senses and then how we figure out what our perception of...

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Computer Networks:- (Transport Layer, Session Layer, Presentation Unit)

Transport Layer: Duties of Transport Layer, Connection Management, TCP Window Management, User Datagram Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol. Session Layer: Session and Transport Interaction, Synchronization points, Session Protocol Data Unit. Presentation Unit: Translation, Encryption/ Decryption, Authentication, Data Compression.

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