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Statistics MAN-MOR004 Totaaloverzicht / samenvatting - Statistiek
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Heel compact, maar zéér effectief overzicht. Auteur (ik) heb met dit zelfgemaakte overzicht een 9,5 gehaald voor het tentamen van het vak 'Statistics'. Het is een totaaloverzicht met alle toetsingen die je dient te kennen, in de totale context geplaatst. Het overzicht gaat in zijn totaliteit na welke toets je bij welke situatie nodig hebt, en wat vervolgens per toets de benodigde stappen zijn. Door de hyperlinks vlieg je gemakkelijk door het document heen.

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MNB 1601 Assignment 2 MNB 1601(UPDATED 2020)
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Assignment 2 MNB 1601 QUESTION 1 Pg 428 The increasing spending power of the middle classes in Africa has also increased the expansion of the beer market. The ______________ market then consists of individuals or households purchasing products for their own consumption. 1 consumer 2 industrial 3 resale 4 government QUESTION 2 Pg 432 By segmenting consumers into social class, such as the middle-classes, Heineken is making use of ______________ segmentation. 1 geographic 2 demographic 3 psy...

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Chapter 3 Question 7

[QUESTION] Suppose that the controlling stock of IBM Corporation was placed in a perpetual trust with an irrevocable clause that cash or liquidating dividends would never be paid out of this trust. Earnings per share continued to grow. What would be the value of the company to the stockholders? Why?

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Quantitative Data Analysis 2 (QDA2) Book Summary & Lecture Notes - GRADE 9,0

Includes a Summary from Andy Field's "Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics" (2017) and notes on the lectures given by Roger Pruppers. The bundle includes all the chapters and lectures covered in the course 6012B0423Y at UvA.

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