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Carbonyl Group Chemistry

Application of carbonyl group chemistry in organic synthesis: The material covered in this section includes (i) a-hydrogen acidity, (ii) acid and base promoted keto-enol tautomerism, (iii) a-enolate chemistry, including alkylation (iv) named reactions including Michael reaction, Aldol addition, Aldol condensation, Claisen condensation (v) ring-forming reactions including Dieckman condensation and Robinson annulations

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BIOLOGY 130 CHAPTER 1-6 STUDY QUESTIONS CHAPTER 2 WEEK 1 STUDY QUESTIONS Chemistry and physics are fall into which field of science? Select all that apply. A. natural science B. physical science C. life science D. social science E. hard science Feedback: Learning Objective: Define matter and elements Question 2 of 10 1.0/ 1.0 Points What functional group allows sugars (CnH2nOn) to be water soluble? Select all that apply. A. methyl B. carbonyl C. hydroxyl D. amino E. sulfhydr...

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