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ABG51806 wildlife conservation genetics summary of both the literature and lecture notes
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This is a summary of all the lecture notes and the literature for the course ABG51806. The course wildlife conservation and genetics. The document may seem a bit long but it also includes quite a few pictures and hopefully you can also read through it fast because I outlined the key points in the text. I appreciate star reviews and tops and tips comments. Good luck studying!

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  •  • 44 pages • 
  • by LindaMeijering • 
  • uploaded  23-04-2020
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Genetics 2313 Exam Chapter 17, 18, 5-7 Review
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This 29-page review includes textbook information from each chapter, lecture notes, sample test questions, iclicker questions and the need-to-knows the professor said it's going to be on the test. A ton of visuals is included to make everything easier to comprehend. In addition, all vocabulary terms are bolded in red. I hope everyone can ace this test, happy studying! Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved

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  •  • 29 pages • 
  • by meismejennie • 
  • uploaded  19-10-2019
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Based on the book 'Genetics: Analysis & Principles, 6th edition, by Robert J. Brooker' and the course at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam this bundle summaries nearly the whole book and covers thus almost every aspect of university genetics.

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  • by noahdekker84 • 
  • uploaded  03-02-2020
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Dictate Molecular Genetics 2
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In this document I have worked out all the lectures of the subject molecular genetics. The processes you need to know are clearly described and there are pictures present. It's all written in English. The lectures: 1. Global structure of the chromosome. 2. DNA transposition and site specific recombination. 3. RNA processing, splicing, transport, nuclear bodies and RNA world. 4/5. Regulation of translation. 6. Control or Gene Expression. 7. Post transcriptional control.

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  •  • 69 pages • 
  • by fleurvdende • 
  • uploaded  01-10-2020
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