Online study notes

Ok, so we told you the benefits of great study notes. And we told you how to write great study notes. You may agree with us – but you find you do not have the time to put into writing those great study notes yourself. Or you just need some extra tips and suggestions on how to get the job done! This is where online study notes can really assist you.

The internet is your friend on this one (why else ONLINE study notes right?) There are many ways that it can assist you with creating or finding your perfect online study notes.

Collaborate to create online study notes

One way to do this is to use the power of “crowd-sourcing”. That is when each of you in a group take on one chapter to summarise, ensuring that the individual workload is massively improved. Just make sure you decide beforehand who is going to upload those notes for other students on the Stuvia portal so that you can earn money for studying! :)

Buy notes from other students

Stuvia is the No1 student note marketplace, and the variety of study notes and other study notes is breath-taking. If you need notes, we probably have some. And if not – all the more reason for you to take the time to write your own so you can help all those time-poor student in the future when THEY need the same study notes.

Use tools to help write online study notes

One great thing about the internet is you can find websites to help on just about anything. This study app will tell you exactly how to write awesome study notes. And – its FREE!