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Read faster, how?

Published on October 22, 2018·Latest update at March 14, 2019

It almost sounds like something magic: reading faster. But actually you can learn to read faster in a few easy steps. Since every student needs to read thousands of pages, it will save you a lot of time to if you can read faster. We listed a few techniques to learn how to read faster, without missing any important information while studying.

Do not read out loud

We simply can’t read faster than we speak. So when you read out loud, you will only read slower. By saying the whole text out loud, you will decelerate your speed of reading.

Use a pointer

The muscles of your eye are easily coordinated when you point at the words you need to read with a pen or pencil. This effect is caused by your eyes, which will follow a fluent movement naturally. Try to stop reading only after a bigger piece of text.

Don’t look back in the text

We tend to look back a few words very often while reading a text. This happens, because you get the idea that you missed a word or a few sentences.

Though, when you jump a few words back, it costs you extra time you need to re-read this small piece of text and the chronological order of the text gets disturbed. Try to keep reading so that you stay in the right flow. This way you will stay alert and you can better concentrate.

Try to read as much hard copy as possible

Your brain needs to process a lot of data every day when we worked on our laptop or have been using our phone. We are used to processing ‘fast data’, which is short and clear information, often supported with a picture to stimulate our imagination. Because of this, it can be very hard to stay very concentrated for a longer time and read large amounts of text at once. By reading books however, your brain keeps being stimulated and it will become less lazy. This will automatically make you read more. When you need to study for an exam, it is a good idea to print a summary or write it by hand. So you will read it from paper and take up the information.

Set a goal to read faster

You can also keep improving yourself to read faster, by setting a goal for it. Keep in mind though, that whatever you read, need to be read with complete attention. For instance, set a timer for one minute and try to read as much words as you can. After that, try to read 10 more in another minute. However, it is hard to speed up your pace every time, so try to speed up in small steps to be sure that you still understand what you read.

Earn cash by selling your written material to your fellow students.