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Moments to study

Published on October 22, 2018·Latest update at March 25, 2019


Your brain is the most active on certain moments of the day. When you study during these moments, your brain will memorize the most. Studies show that the best moments to study are in the morning, when you just woke up, and in the evening, before you go to sleep.


When your alarm goes off, your body is still relaxing. Get out of bed immediately and don’t snooze. Because most of the time when you snooze, you fall asleep just before the snoozer goes off again. When this happens, you will not feel energetic the rest of the day, though you will if you immediately get up in the morning. Let your body wake up by taking a shower for 10 minutes or do something else. After this, start studying right away. If you just woke up, you can focus better than in the middle of the day. You have more focus, because your brain just got out of hours of rest.


When you study before going to sleep, your brain will process the information while sleeping. You can remember information the best by repeating it. So if you study before you go to bed, your brain will repeat this information a few times while sleeping, because it is the last information you received on that day. Do you usually go to bed by 23:00? Then start studying at 21:00 to repeat for instance your summary a few times. Though, the result will be less effective if you’ve studied already all day long. This is because you will be less concentrated and this is necessary to remember the information.

Be aware: If you have an exam the next day and your start studying for the first time at the evening before, this often will not work. Even though your brain will remember more when you study at night than in the middle of the day.

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