PYC4808 ECOSYSTEMIC PSYCHOLOGY YEAR BUNDLE assignment 1,2,3,4,5,6 - 2022 - €23,36   Añadir al carrito


PYC4808 ECOSYSTEMIC PSYCHOLOGY YEAR BUNDLE assignment 1,2,3,4,5,6 - 2022

Guides and answers for assignments 1 to 6. Textbook summaries for the whole year, plus African Perspective journal article summaries. Poster examples, all answers for every MCQ test and more. APA 7th edition referencing guide.

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The marking criteria for the peer review (assignment 4). With hyperlink to access the page.

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PYC4808 assignment 6 2022 ANSWERS - Ecosystemic psychology


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Intro and conclusion points; Analysis in context of FOC and SOC with examples about UNISA and COVID for each principle of FOC and SOC. Textbook summary for each principle, with memo notes on african perspective, Becvar and Becvar (2014) referencing tips, guide of APA 7 referencing, summaries of the ...

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PYC4808 assignment 5 correct answers 2022


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100% correct. 2022 assignment 5 MCQ. 20 correct answers with memo notes and additional info from textbooks. Question 1 based on Case Study: Portia is a 26-year-old medical student, who is currently completing her internship at Baragwaneth Hospital. Since she started her long work hours, she has dev...

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PYC4808 Assignment 3 2022 Essay


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Guide on each part of the 2022 essay question, with example essay included. Summaries from the textbook, tables from the memos and examples on how to write the sections in your essay. Marking criteria included. ESSAY QUESTIONS: Essay comparing the role of the psychologist, and the approach they wou...

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PYC4808 Ecosystemic psychology assignment 2 QUIZ questions and answers 2022


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Contains 15 multiple choice questions and answers for assignment 2. I got 14/15 correct=93%. Based on chapters 1,3 and 4 from the Family Therapy textbook by Bevcar 2014

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Summary PYC4808 Ecosystemic Psychology assignment 1 POSTER Marked With Feedback


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Poster with feedback from the lecturers. Received 85%. Added notes from textbook and journal articles to fill in any missing information.

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Summary PYC4808 Ecosystemic Psychology assignment 1 (and2) POSTER guide 2022


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Summary of ch1,3 and 4 of the textbook. Summaries of 3 articles needed for AFRICAN EPISTEMOLOGY section. All information is relevant either to assignment 1(poster) or assignment 2(MQC) 2022. Extra tips on how to design the poster and so much more!

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