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PYC3701 - Social Psychology (2021 - Semester 1 and Semester 2 - Assignment 2 Answers)

PYC3701 – Social Psychology 2021 - Assignment #2 Unique Number: (Semester 1) and (Semester 2) Question 1: The basic motive to seek and maintain interpersonal relationships is known as the... 1. affiliation need 2. the affect-centred model of attraction 3. the proportion of similarity 4. an adaptive response Question 2: Regardless of the factors leading up to one liking or disliking another individual, those likes and dislikes are determined by one’s immediate... 1. proximity 2. effective state 3. need for affiliation 4. interpersonal relationship Question 3: The finding that frequent contact with a mildly negative, neutral, or positive stimulus results in increasingly positive evaluations of that stimulus is known as... 1. the similarity-dissimilarity effect 2. the repeated exposure effect 3. the proportion of similarity 4. the affect-centred model Question 4: Sindi is beginning her first year of University. Since one of her goals is to meet people and make new friends in her class, Sindi would be well-advised to... 1. spend as much time as possible interacting with the instructor 2. sit at the front of the room and on the end of a row 3. periodically cut class and spend time alone in a nearby park 4. sit between other students in his classes whenever possible Question 5: In Asch’s classis experiment, a standard-setting line was first presented to small groups of people, followed by the presentation of three comparison lines of different lengths. In one condition, three accomplices, posing as students, chose an incorrect answer before the subject could respond. ..... of the research participants agreed with a clearly incorrect answer at least once. 1. About 50 percent 2. All 3. More than 75 percent 4. Less than 5 percent Question 6: One of the factors associated with compliance is friendship. This is because we are more... 1. willing to comply with those who can provide us with scarce resources if they choose to do so. 2. willing to comply with requests with requests that are consistent with our other behaviours and beliefs. 3. likely to comply with requests from those whom we see as similar to ourselves in some way. 4. willing to comply with requests from friends or from those we like than with requests from strangers or people we dislike. Question 7: Thato had missed the notes for several classes and asked Tshepo for the notes for one day. Tshepo gave the notes to Thato, who copied them and then asked Tshepo for a week’s worth of notes. Because of the ..... Tshepo is highly likely to give Thato the notes. 1. foot-in-door-technique 2. two stage compliance approach 3. lowball technique 4. door-in-face-technique Question 8: Jabu has agreed to purchase a new car for R18 000,00. However, just before he gets ready to sign the contract, the salesman tells Jabu that the sales manager will not approve the amount allowed for his trade-in, and that the contract will have to be higher, probably around R19 000,00. Jabu has just been the victim of... 1. the low-ball technique 2. playing hard to get 3. the door-to-face technique 4. the foot-in-door technique Question 9: In one study participants were told about a person in need of help who was either a member of their group or another group. The more empathy participants felt increased the chances they would help this person. What is the other result of this study? 1. Participants were more likely to help the person who was a member of the other group. 2. Participants were more likely to help the person who was a member of their own group. 3. Participants were eventually likely to help regardless of group membership. 4. Participants with low levels of empathy were more likely to help the in-group member. Question 10: After seeing a motion picture where the lead character is tragically killed, Zoe feels a deep amount of sorrow for him. This is an example of the... 1. self-interest perspective 2. ‘imagine other’ perspective 3. ‘imagine self’ perspective 4. fantasy perspective Question 11: In one study on social behaviour, Zhong, Sohns, and Gino (2010) found that participants in a dark room or wearing sunglasses were... 1. more likely to exaggerate their scores to help their teammates win a prize. 2. less likely to exaggerate their scores because there was no shame in doing poorly if you were anonymous. 3. more likely to exaggerate their scores because they felt relatively anonymous. 4. less likely to exaggerate their scores because of the empathy altruism hypothesis. Question 12: One way in which the Internet has increased helping is by... 1. decreasing the amount of empathy we feel for other. 2. connecting us with people all over the world who we can help via organisations like Kiva org. 3. increasing competitive altruism because we can readily see how others are helping. 4. increasing our anonymity so that our prosocial behaviour will not be noticed. Question 13: Some support for an evolutionary explanation for aggression comes from gender differences that show... 1. men are more aggressive towards other men than towards women. 2. women are more aggressive towards men then towards women. 3. women are more aggressive towards women than towards men. 4. men are more aggressive towards women than towards other men. Question 14: According to the general aggression model, situational factors and personal factors can lead to aggressive behaviour because of their influence on ... , ... and ... 1. affective states; physical arousal; catharsis 2. catharsis; provocation; cognitions 3. physiological arousal; affective states; cognitions 4. cognitions; affective states; frustration Question 15: Zanele was driving home after a particularly difficult day at work when someone cut her off and almost caused her to wreck her car. Still shaken from her near miss, she arrived home to find that her spouse had not yet started dinner, as he had promised to do. Zanele angrily accused him of being ‘a lazy bum’ and started an argument with him. This situation can best be explained by... 1. the frustration-aggression hypothesis 2. the provocation theory 3. a hostile attributional bias 4. the excitation transfer theory Question 16: Hostile aggression occurs when... hostile attributional bias is too strong 2. the aggression is used to achieve some other goal 3. the primary goal is to inflict harm on the victim 4. catharsis is not achieved Question 17: According to Diener and Oishi (2005), among the very best predictors of level of happiness among the population is... 1. degree of connectedness to others 2. ability to compete for scarce resources 3. ability to cooperatively participate in group projects 4. being born into a fitting racial and gender group Question 18: Personal attributes such as ... appear to play a role in acquiring higher status. 1. shoe size 2. size of forehead 3. usage of abstract words 4. height Question 19: One’s position or rank within a group is one’s ... 1. situation 2. status 3. norm 4. authority Question 20: When we are striving to create social change, groups may provide us with... 1. social clout 2. group polarization 3. more procedural justice 4. self-enhancement

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