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Appendix Health Psychology (summary of health psychology - Nutrition Semester)
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Hereby, the appendix (summary) of Health Psychology of the Nutrition Semester. All in English (same content as the Dutch version). With some example exam questions. In the appendix, there is only content found from the presentation, not from the book.

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  • Summary
  •  • 18 pages • 
  • by fkelderman • 
  • uploaded  30-03-2018
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Summary Health 2
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Very good summary of 84 pages in Word of Health Psychology 2 last year !! 18/20! Some (mandatory) texts are summarized in the summary (based on relevance) per chapter. All processes seen are clearly explained, sometimes with additional information from the lesson. Difficult things are explained in detail so it would be easy to understand. Based on slides, notes, texts and, if necessary, additional information. Chapter 1: Homeostatic regulation Chapter 2: Endocrine stress response Chapter 3: Cen...

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  •  Book
  • Summary
  •  • 90 pages • 
  • by 89555566 • 
  • uploaded  28-10-2017
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