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An introduction & Overview of Immunology

This presentation offers an insight into Immunology. It will help understand the basics of immunology and will therefore build a strong foundation for more complex concepts. Through these notes, you will be able to gain a clear understanding of what is innate and adaptive immunity, what is active and passive immunity as well as the roles of the different types of cells involved in our immune system.

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  •  • 18 pages • 
  • by malaikafarman • 
  • uploaded  01-02-2020
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Block 1.5 Digestion and Defense - Immunology (Tutorial Cases and book summary)

The block Digestion and Defense is a detailed one. This document is a summary of the digestive system anatomy and physiology to give you an overview of all the topics which are important for the exam. The summary is based on the book "Basic Immunology" by Abbas which is the book recommended by University Maastricht to use for this block. (Blok 1.5 Verteer en Verweer - onderwijsgroep casussen en samenvatting boek immunologie, Abbas)

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  • Summary
  •  • 36 pages • 
  • by vanderkraatsannick • 
  • uploaded  27-05-2020
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