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All lectures course 'Psychological effects of the media'
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All lectures from the course 'Psychological effects of the media'. Easier to learn from a document! No missing information from the slides, all images included. Completed this course while doing the minor 'media psychology' at Hogeschool Utrecht. Alle hoorcolleges van de cursus 'Psychological effects of the media'. Makkelijker te leren vanuit een document dan van alle slides! Alle informatie staat erin, inclusief de bijbehorende afbeeldingen. Cursus behorend bij de minor 'media psychology', ge...

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  • uploaded  23-09-2016
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All lectures minor media psychology (Hogeschool Utrecht)
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All lectures minor 'media psychology' (Hogeschool Utrecht). Included: - Psychological effects of the media - Mass media and mass persuasion - Digital psychology of the media / the future of media psychology - Cognitive psychology of the media All information and images included from the slides, no summary! Easier to learn from a document!

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  • uploaded  23-09-2016
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Research Methodology A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners - Images, QR-Code Questions & Practice Exam
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Summary of Research Methodology A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 4th revised edition from Ranjit Kumar. ALSO AVAILABLE IN A BUNDLE with a theory summary of the book. I putted in a QR-code again with which you can make between 8 and 12 multiple choice practicing questions per chapter online, and one practice exam/test of 18 questions with answers provided in the document. Must be a succes with this summary Research Methodology 4th revised edition of Ranjit Kumar, with practice questions!

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  • by liefsjuul • 
  • uploaded  31-01-2017
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