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common phrases and questions for the classroom
  • common phrases and questions for the classroom

  • Study guide • 1 pages • 2018
  • this document contains important/common phrases and questions that will be used in the classroom while taking a spanish course. you may ask these questions and the teacher will most likely ask you to repeat it in spanish. this document is very helpful in situations like that. i know i was definitely tested on phrases and questions like this while taking spanish. it contains questions asking about homework and the class in general, and common sayings that will help improve classroom comminication...
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-ar and -er endings and pronouns
  • -ar and -er endings and pronouns

  • Class notes • 1 pages • 2018
  • this document shows what endings should be added to verbs ending in -ar and -er, it also contains what pronouns each ending should go with and the pronouns in spanish and english.
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