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AHIST_1401_Art_History_Discussion_Forum_Unit_3 | AHIST 1401 Art History - Term 4, 2018-2019

AHIST_1401_Art_History_Discussion_Forum_Unit_3 AHIST 1401 Art History - Term 4, 2018-2019 HOME CONTACT US RESOURCES LINKS FACULTY MY COURSES MENU       AHIST 1401 Art History - Term 4, 2018-2019 Search forums Sacred Spaces by Melissa Anderson (Instructor) - Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 9:19 PM Virtually all of the world’s cultures have deÕned sacred spaces for religious purposes. Choose one place of worship that you are familiar with (it can be from any faith). What do you think is the relationship between the appearance and layout of the space and its religious uses? Include in your discussion a description of the space’s unique structures and characteristics. Please include a picture, if possible. 67 words Permalink | Reply Re: Sacred Spaces by Mauro Cimellaro - Thursday, 25 April 2019, 11:10 AM4/30/2019 AHIST 1401 - AY2019-T4: Sacred Spaces The place I chose to describe for this task is a church. In particular, a church in my city, Reggio Calabria. In 1908 there was a very strong earthquake here, which destroyed most of the buildings of the time. They were rebuilt with anti-seismic systems, but we lost a lot of history along with the buildings and lives of people in that terrible earthquake. However, some buildings remained standing. One of these is the church of Pepe (or Krèsiê Pipi ) also called Church of the Madonna of the Poor . A small church built around 400 AD. The style of that time can still be felt entering it, halfway between the Bizantine and the Gothic. Inside we can see paintings by artists of the period, carefully preserved over the centuries. Normally, from the outside, a church is clearly visible and easy to recognize. But in this case, as I said, the church is very small, and is in an area of the city that is not very exposed nor central. The structure, seen from above, is in the form of a Romanesque cross, and inside there are three naves, with the central one being larger than the two side naves. The bell tower, which once towered next to the church, unfortunately partially collapsed, and, for security reasons, it was demolished completely shortly after 1908. The basis4/30/2019 AHIST 1401 - AY2019-T4: Sacred Spaces remains to remember the perimeter that covered, but in addition to that there is no and more. The bells, which are normally located in the Catholic churches in the bell tower, have been transferred to the attic of the church. Normally the structure of Christian churches is very deÕned and standardized (crossshaped, aisles and construction direction), however in this case, given the numerous renovations and collapses suàered by the church of Pepe, some of these elements were not fully respected . However, the church is still consecrated and functioning, although many faithful Õnd it more convenient to go to the most central churches in the city. There are many Christian churches which are undoubtedly more beautiful and rich than this. But this is precisely what makes me prefer it to others. The fact that despite the collapses, the time, the distance and the few faithful, this church has always stood up again, with humility and devotion, represented also in the forms of poverty (the cardinal principle of Christianity) and resilience. Source: 415 words Rate: Rate... Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Sacred Spaces by Mourad Jari - Sunday, 28 April 2019, 5:59 PM Dear Mauro, Thank you for sharing your perspective with us. You did give a persuasive description of "Chiesa della Madonna dei poveri". From the photo, the church has a good standing. It doesn't seem to be built around 400 B.C. The church is not huge but it still has its fascinating aspect. Good post. Keep it up. Kind regards Mourad 60 words Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Sacred Spaces by Anita Ajokpaezi - Sunday, 28 April 2019, 9:15 PM Hi Mourad This is the Õrst time I'm hearing about this kind of church. In Cyprus Sicily is know for the Greek orthodox churches which follow quite some diàerent traditions compared to the Catholic church. What in particular with the sect of this church and it buildings? This quite interesting 49 words Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Sacred Spaces by Blessed Nyathi - Monday, 29 April 2019, 5:06 AM4/30/2019 AHIST 1401 - AY2019-T4: Sacred Spaces @ Mauro thank you for such an enlightenment. According to my view that church design looks very old fashioned which makes it an outstanding structure. Never knew it ,you have introduced it to me 33 words Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Sacred Spaces by Melissa Anderson (Instructor) - Monday, 29 April 2019, 3:48 PM Hi Mauro, Thank you for starting the discussion this week. This is a very interesting example you have shared dating back to the early Byzantine era. It is a shame that there was an earthquake that destroyed parts of it, it is a beautiful building. I was unable to view any of the interior decorations you notate. I am very curious what style of paintings are housed here, the artists, and the dates. Would you be able to share some of that information? I am interested if there are any early Byzantine frescos that remain? Best, Melissa 97 words Permalink | Show parent | Reply Re: Sacred Spaces by Anita Ajokpaezi - Sunday, 28 April 2019, 12:51 PM The space I have chosen is the Pentecostant church which started in 1906 in area called Azuza street (C 2018) This movement was know back then was the baptism of the Holy Spirit which was during a revival hosted by evangelist William J. Seymour. Since then it spread like wild Õre as people after baptism started to speak in unknown tounges. When it came to place of worship it was anywhere they could host a meetings and services. Churches of that time and over have kept most of the old structure of the Roman basilica time. You Õnd the choir area. The pulpit as in the alter almost like a copy paste of the past with a few alternations.4/30/2019 AHIST 1401 - AY2019-T4: Sacred Spaces Fast forward you Õnd most Pentecostal churches come in diàerent sizes. Most tend have a center stage which when you enter one it is quite familiar to Roman basilica choir area Alter. This would be where the pastor, minister, or evangelist would speak but this will be in the center far end when you would enter a church. This would also be where the choir would also be behind just befor the preacher would speak.( Or during) I myself have gone to many diàerent types of churches so I know these may vary. You have modern day churches now like Joel Osteen Church which was a former basketball statum (picture shown below courtesy of E 2017)The structure is changed but still the alter area still stays the same with choir area almost the same as the Roman basilica time churches. Amanda Casanova (n.m.) April 6, 2018. 10 Things Christians Should Know about the Pentecostal Church C Retrieved from: NATALIE FINN Aug. 30, 2017 Come Hell or High Water: Inside Joel Osteen's $60 Million Megachurch Empire Retrieved from Fair use policy - - - - - Continued

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