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HIEU 201 MINDTAP CHAPTER Question with Answers

HIEU 201 MINDTAP CHAPTER QUIZ 7 1. Octavian took the title princeps, which means a. chief priest. b. dictator. c. god-king. d. first citizen. 2. The Pax Romana was characterized by the a. worsening condition of slaves and women. b. prevalence of peace in the Mediterranean world without any foreign wars or internal revolts. c. rejection of Stoic philosophy with its emphasis on the common humanity of all peoples. d. revival of republican government and the end of the empire. 3. The second Hebrew revolt in Judea during the reign of Hadrian resulted in a. a promise from Rome that only Jews would be allowed to settle in Palestine. b. complete Jewish independence from Rome. c. the permanent return of Jerusalem to Jewish control. d. the death, enslavement, or emigration of the majority of Palestinian Jews. 4. Roman Stoics a. were attracted to mystery religions and cults. b. meditated on a mystical being that they believed would assure them of immortality. c. believed that only through veneration of the gods could Rome remain great. d. believed that moral values were obtained from reason alone. 5. The major forms of entertainment in the Empire included all of the following EXCEPT a. poetry reading contests. b. gladiatorial combats. c. chariot races. d. wild animal shows. 6. The weaknesses of the economy of Empire during the Pax Romana included all of the following EXCEPT a. the lack of capital investment. b. the abandonment of slave labor. c. problematic transportation networks that hindered the expansion of trade. d. a growing unemployed underclass.

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