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Book review

Boekverslag Engels II The Dogs (Allan Stratton) + The happy Prince (Oscar Wilde)

In the attached document you will find a book report on 'The Dogs' written by Allan Stratton. The report includes a summary (plot), the setting, the theme, information about the main character, an identification with the main character and a personal opinion. In this report you will also find a mini report of the short story 'The Happy Prince' written by Oscar Wilde. The answers to the questions asked are a small summary of the story. DISCLAIMER: My English was not flawless in the fourth grade. It may be that there are some errors in grammar, spelling etc. So read the report again carefully before you submit it. However, in terms of content, the report is entirely correct!

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By: diananintemann • 4 months ago


By: LindseyZ • 3 months ago

Thank you very much for your positive review! I'm glad to hear you're so positive about my work. Good luck with your study and/or homework!


By: mireilleveninga • 4 months ago

Translated by Google

Very easily such a report, but with me at school it has to be much more extensive.


By: LindseyZ • 4 months ago

Thank you for your review! I hope that despite the fact that it has to be more extensive for your education, it still has been useful for you!

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