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Protein Function in Oxygen Transport Notes

Oxygen Transport notes by @MissChandhini This is a note bundle that consists of 17 pages of notes which discuss the following topics: Introduction to Oxygen Transport Introduction Myoglobin Haemoglobin Haem groups Oxygen Binding to the Haem Group Oxygen Binding to the Haem group in Myoglobin Oxygen Dissociation Curves Measurement of Oxygen Binding to Myoglobin Oxygen Dissociation Curves: Myoglobin and Haemoglobin Conformational Change of Haemoglobin Cooperative Binding of Oxygen Regulation of Oxygen Binding 2,3 - Bisphosphoglycerate (BPG) The Bohr Effect Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Allosteric Effectors Genetics of Haemoglobin Globin Genes Foetal Haemoglobin Haemoglobinopathies Sickle Cell Anaemia Thalassaemias - Beta Thalassaemias Thalassaemias - Alpha Thalassaemias The files included in this download are original and copyright to myself. They are for your own personal use and should not be resold or redistributed. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me. Contact me on: @MissChandhini

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