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TRL2601 SUMMARY 2021

TRL2601  Home Study Unit 1- Conceptual Framework Definition of Transport The main function of transport is to move/displace passengers and freight from where they are to where they would like to be or are needed. The most important element in any definition of transport is movement: displacing people and/or goods over distance (space) and time, regardless of the method (technical means) by which this movement is affected. Sustainable Transport Sustainable transport is a system that has the following:  Social dimension  Economic dimension  Environmental dimension and  Degree of participation Drivers of change for future transportation The drivers can be categorised as follow: Figure 1.1.3 page 3  Policy  Demography and Society  Energy and Environment  Technology  Economics and  Finance The economic meaning of transport Utility of goods  Place Utility – where the product/ service is needed  Time Utility – when the product/ service is needed  Quality Utility – the product’s quality should not be lost or reduced, in other words, not be damaged. For passengers the service should be reliable, frequent, convenient and safe. TRL2601 The role of transport in the economy The National Transport Master Plan (NATMAP, 2050:09) states the following with regard to the role of transport in the economy: (1) Given the cognition that without transportation there would be no travel or trade of any kind, the extent of infrastructure investment, as well as those related to transport services, and the interindustry linkage are integral parts of transport’s overall economic role (2) Time intervals between investment and its influence on growth also affect transport contribution to the economy (3) Transport efficiency is also a major impacting factor on the GDP. This does not necessarily hold for individual projects and, as such, the application projects appraisal methods becomes important in setting priorities and implementation decision-making process. All in all, there can be no economic growth without transport, but there is no magic in transport. Characteristics of Transport Derived nature of the demand for tra

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