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SOC1502 EXAM PACK 2021

erms in this set (336) Upgrade to remove ads Only $1/month Which of the following best describes sociology as a subject? 1. the study of individual behaviour 2. the study of cultures 3. the study of society and social interaction 4. the study of economics 3. the study of society and social interaction Wright Mills once said that sociologists need to develop a sociological __________ to study how society affects individuals. 1. culture 2. imagination 3. method 2. Imagination 2/18/2020 SOC 1502 Study Questions and Exams Flashcards | Quizlet Ad A sociologist defines society as a group of people who reside in a defined area, share a culture, and who: 1. interact 2. work in the same industry 3. speak different languages 4. practise a recognized religion 1. interact Seeing patterns means that a sociologist needs to be able to: 1. compare the behaviour of individuals from different societies 2. compare one society to another 3. identify similarities in how social groups respond to social pressure 4. compare individuals to groups 3. identify simila

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