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Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th Edition Karch Test Bank (All 59 Chapters)

Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th Edition Karch Test Bank (All 59 Chapters)Chapter 01: Introduction to Drugs Chapter 02: Drugs and the Body Chapter 03: Toxic Effects of Drugs Chapter 04: The Nurs ing Process in Drug Chapter 05: Dosage Calculations Chapter 06: Challenges to Effective Drug Therapy Chapter 07: Introduction to Cell Physiology Chapter 08: Anti-infective Agents Chapter 09: Antibiotics Chapter 10: Antiviral Agents Chapter 11: Antifungal Agents Chapter 12: Antiprotozoal Agents Chapter 13: Anthelmintic Agents Chapter 14: Antineoplastic Agents Chapter 15: Introduction to the Immune Chapter 16: Anti-inflammatory, Antiarthritis Chapter 17: Immune Modulators Chapter 18: Vaccines and Sera Chapter 19: Introduction to Nerves and the Nervous System Chapter 20: Anxiolytic and Hypnotic Agents Chapter 21: Antidepressant Agents Chapter 22: Psychotherapeutic Agents Chapter 23: Antiseizure Agents Chapter 24: Antiparkinsonism Agents Chapter 25: Muscle Relaxants Chapter 26: Narcotics, Narcotic Antagonists, and Antimigraine Agents Chapter 27: General and Local Anesthetic Agents Chapter 28: Neuromuscular Junction Blocking Agents Chapter 29: Introduction to the Autonomic Nervous System Chapter 30: Adrenergic Agonists Chapter 31: Adrenergic Blocking Antagonists Chapter 32: Cholinergic Agonists Chapter 33: Anticholinergic Agents Chapter 34: Introduction to the Endocrine System Chapter 35: Hypothalamic and Pituitary Agents Chapter 36: Adrenocortical Agents Chapter 37: Thyroid and Parathyroid Agents Chapter 38: Agents to Control Blood Glucose Levels Chapter 39: Introduction to the Reproductive System Chapter 40: Drugs Affecting the Female Reproductive System Chapter 41: Drugs Affecting the Male Reproductive System Chapter 42: Introduction to the Cardiovascular System Chapter 43: Drugs Affecting Blood Pressure Chapter 44: Cardiotonic Agents Chapter 45: Antiarrhythmic Agents Chapter 46: Antianginal Agents Chapter 47: Lipid-Lowering Agents Chapter 48: Drugs Affecting Blood Coagulation Chapter 49: Drugs Used to Treat Anemias Chapter 50: Introduction to the Renal System Chapter 51: Diuretic Agents Chapter 52: Drugs Affecting the Urinary Tract and the Bladder Chapter 53: Introduction to the Respiratory System Chapter 54: Drugs Acting on the Upper Respiratory Tract Chapter 55: Drugs Acting on the Lower Respiratory Tract Chapter 56: Introduction to the Gastrointestinal System Chapter 57: Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Secretions Chapter 58: Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Motility Chapter 59: Antiemetic Agents

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