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Exam (elaborations)

NSG 6020 Week 4 Cardiac Study Guide.2021 Rared Best.

NSG 6020 / NSG6020 WEEK 4 QUIZ 1 CARDIAC STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS What is responsible for the inspiratory splitting of S2? Closure of aortic, then pulmonic valves A 25-year-old optical technician comes to your clinic for evaluation of fatigue. As part of your physical examination, you listen to her heart and hear a murmur only at the cardiac apex. Which valve is most likely to be involved, based on the location of the murmur? Mitral You are conducting a workshop on the measurement of jugular venous pulsation. As part of your instruction, you tell the students to make sure that they can distinguish between the jugular venous pulsation and the carotid pulse. Which one of the following characteristics is typical of the carotid pulse? Palpable A 68-year-old mechanic presents to the emergency room for shortness of breath. You are concerned about a cardiac cause and measure his jugular venous pressure (JVP). It is elevated. Which one of the following conditions is a potential cause of elevated JVP? Constrictive pericarditis You are palpating the apical impulse in a patient with heart disease and find that the amplitude is diffuse and increased. Which of the following conditions could be a potential cause of an increase in the amplitude of the impulse? Aortic stenosis, with pressure overload of the left ventricle This study source was downloaded by from CourseH on 05-02-2021 09:51:41 GMT -05:00 This study resource was shared via CourseH Which of the following events occurs at the start of diastole? Closure of the aortic valve Which is true of a third heart sound (S3)? It is caused by rapid deceleration of blood against the ventricular wall. Which is true of splitting of the second heart sound? It is best heard over the pulmonic area with the bell of the stethoscope

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