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Exam (elaborations)

NR 228 Nutrition exam 2 | 100% CORRECT

NR 228 Nutrition exam 2 Chapter 5 The nutrient that provides the densest energy source is a. fat. b. protein. c. alcohol. d. carbohydrate. A Sex hormones, bile, and vitamin D are formed in the body from a. sterols. b. triglycerides. c. phospholipids. d. chylomicrons. A If a patient receiving fat-free parenteral nutrition develops eczema, the patient may have a. vitamin C deficiency. b. essential fatty acid deficiency. c. protein-energy malnutrition. d. phospholipid and sterol deficiency. B Hydrogenation of vegetable oils _____ their shelf life and makes them _____ harmful to health. a. decreases; less b. increases; less c. decreases; more d. increases; more D A triglyceride is a compound composed of a. glycerol with two fatty acids attached. b. glycerol with three amino acids attached. c. glycerol with three fatty acids attached. d. organic molecules formed in triangular chains. C A polyunsaturated fatty acid is a fatty acid with _____ bond(s) on the carbon chain. a. one double b. no double c. oxidized d. two or more double D If a client wants to lose 1 lb of body fat each week, they would need to make sure that their daily calorie intake was lower than their daily energy needs by _____ kcals/day. a. 350 b. 500 c. 900 d. 3500 B In their natural form, most oils come from _____ products and most solid fats come from _____ products. a. natural; processed b. organic; refined c. animal; plant d. plant; animal D The number of double bonds present in the fatty acid chain determines the a. number of fatty acids attached to the glycerol molecule. b. number of glycerol molecules attached to the fatty acid. c. degree of saturation or unsaturation of a fatty acid. d. degree of saturation or unsaturation of the glycerol molecule. C By interfering with blood clotting, omega-3 fatty acids appear to lower the a. risk of hypertension. b. risk of heart disease. c. levels of serum triglyceride. d. levels of serum cholesterol. B Overall energy intake can be greatly affected by relatively small changes in intake of a. protein.

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